Neuer Partner … base camp management consulting (BCMC)

Base Camp Management Consulting (BCMC) hat mit Saxess Software einen Partnervertrag geschlossen, um ihre Kunden effizient mit Finanz-Dienstleistungen versorgen zu können. Eine erstklassige Beratung für die Investment-Management-Industrie kombiniert BCMC mit dem Einsatz des SX Integrators, quasi eine technische Schlüsselfunktion, um ein standardisiertes Auswertungs-Framework mit relevanten Finanzdaten der jeweiligen Portfolio-Unternehmen automatisiert befüllen zu können.

BCMC Mission Statement

Base Camp Management Consulting (BCMC) is an integral part of a Private Equity (PE) company’s approach to value creation. It’s core mission is to create value for all PE stakeholders by identifying and delivering operational performance within portfolio companies. BCMC’s objective is to develop the people, skills, tools and partnerships necessary to enable PE teams to make great investment decisions and management to capture growth opportunities that drive sustainable value. In support of this mission, BCMC value creation efforts are focused on three fundamental areas:

  • Assessing operational improvement opportunities and risks during the late due diligence process of PE.
  • Working with PE portfolio companies to deliver value creation programs and operational transformation.
  • Develop and leverage cross portfolio best-practices frameworks and tool­sets that can benefit all portfolio companies.

Saxess Software Partnership

Base Camp Management Consulting seeks a successful strategic partnership with Saxess Software who has proven to be a reliable and high-quality technology service provider. In our ambition to provide first class consulting for the investment management industry Saxess will play a key technical role by establishing a standardized reporting layer across a various number of portfolio companies. Hence it is essential to collaborate with a capable and agile partner like Saxess Software. Together we achieve high value impact by applying a standard financial framework.